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File with no permissions or ownership on UDF DVD+RW
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:51 pm    Post subject: File with no permissions or ownership on UDF DVD+RW Reply with quote

Hi all.

I'm having a really odd problem where a file on my DVD+RW (formatted in UDF) has lost its permissions and ownership. If I query the contents with ls -l all of the files attributes show as question marks. This occurs whether mounted read only or read-write.

localhost ~ # ls -l /mnt/dvdr/programs/win_xp_pro/
ls: cannot access /mnt/dvdr/programs/win_xp_pro/Firefox Setup Permission denied
total 175804
?????????? ? ?    ?           ?            ? Firefox Setup
-rwxr-x--- 1 root root  5805656 Apr 12 16:41 Firefox Setup


All other files show correctly.

The fact that there don't seem to be permissions mean that I can't do anything with the file, including changing permissions/ownership, deleting, overwriting or unlinking, even as root.

The DVD was formatted as follows:

localhost ~ # dvd+rw-format /dev/hdc
* BD/DVD±RW/-RAM format utility by <>, version 7.0.
* 4.7GB DVD+RW media detected.
* formatting 9.5-
localhost ~ # mkudffs /dev/hdc
start=0, blocks=16, type=RESERVED
start=16, blocks=3, type=VRS
start=19, blocks=237, type=USPACE
start=256, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
start=257, blocks=16, type=PVDS
start=273, blocks=1, type=LVID
start=274, blocks=2294573, type=PSPACE
start=2294847, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
start=2294848, blocks=239, type=USPACE
start=2295087, blocks=16, type=RVDS
start=2295103, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR

Note that the dvd+rw-format command reports that it only covered 9.5%. This is the second (Verbatim) disk that it's happened on today. Despite this, I have used this method successfully with other disks from the same pack only a couple of weeks ago (I forget whether it reported 100% then or not). I have not changed any software since then, other than to update dvd+rw-tools to 7.0 in an attempt to fix the problem.

I've tried reformatting the disk with the -force option, which made no difference, and with -force=full which didn't do anything because its an "unimplemented command-line option for this media".

Does anyone...
1. have any ideas what the problem could be?
2. know how I can remove or overwrite the problem file?
3. know how I can reformat the entire disk when the -force=full option doesn't work?

Many thanks.

Stephan Dale
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