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2.4.19-pre10-benh0 XFS patches
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2002 12:49 am    Post subject: 2.4.19-pre10-benh0 XFS patches Reply with quote

For anybody that wants to play with other kernel sources, I have made
some modifications to the Gentoo XFS kernel patch to get it to apply
against BenH's rsync kernel. Anyone who is interested:

1. Download vanilla 2.4.18 sources somehow.

2. Get the Gentoo XFS patch from the xfs-sources package.

3. rsync to 2.4.19-pre10-benh0 using the instructions at the bottom

4. Patch the Gentoo XFS patch using

5. Apply it against your 2.4.19-pre10-benh0. There should be some
fuzz and offset, but the patch process should not require user

6. I hope it works for you; it does for me, but I have not tested it
extensively. BenH has said he has no objections about my
publicizing this effort, but please don't send him bug reports
about XFS - he doesn't use it and doesn't want to incorporate such
a large patch into his development tree.
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