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Sun Blade 150
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 4:26 am    Post subject: Sun Blade 150 Reply with quote

I am wondering how many have installed Gentoo onto a Sun Blade 150 and what their system configuration is. I am still relatively new to linux but I learned a lot through some of my tasks at working getting custom software to run on different hardware configurations, mainly Red Hat installs, not my choice. This is my first experience with a Sun machine and I am liking it thus far. I was also wondering what it takes to dual boot these machines with Gentoo as the primary and Solaris 10 as the secondary OS. I'd still like to experiment with Solaris 10 for experience purposes. My current configuration has Gentoo installed on 20Gigs of the 40Gigs total. Its a base Sun Blade 150 using the onboard ATi Rage XL GPU, onboard sound (not sure what this is yet, haven't looked into it), 768MB RAM, 650MHz Sparc IIi CPU, etc. Nothing has been added besides a 512M DIMM of Crucial RAM.

[Edit] One side note: Reiserfs is deffiantely not stable on this system. Tried it, its already corrupted the drive twice making it impossible to delete a couple directories. So I am currently moving the reiserfs partitions over to ext3 with the indexing. Any known issues with that? I am also currently running the 2.6.5 development-sources kernel but am planning on switching to the gentoo-dev-sourcers 2.6.10 kernel soon. And last, I am using the ATi Mach64 fb since I didn't know what GPU I had at the time I compiled the kernel and used the Blade 100 config file setup listed on that site. System works just fine. Haven't setup my xorg.conf file yet so no idea on that, will probably switch to the new kernel and correct the video fb driver before I do that so any help on that would be great. [/Edit]
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